of eyewear.
of colors.
The name,
the brand.
That way we tease ourselves, knowing
we are serious enough to do it.

The first sense of the brand is sealed in the name, the very reason of its birth: to find the taste of life in every moment. The aperitif, that stall between the end of a working day and the start of the evening for each one of us is like a limbo, the connection between the two inseparable moments that together dictate the flow of our life. Eyepetizer is a play of words, but the game is al-so a motor that defines style, a cultured game, adult, interpreted in its concept of challenge, sometimes irreverent, often explosive. That way we tease ourselves, knowing we are serious enough to do it.

The product
the revolution
of steel

Eyepetizer has filled a void. Plastics with important shapes have dictated the rules for a long time in a process that seemed, if not irreversible, at least last-ing. Traditional coloured lenses on bold frames, plastics in classic shapes and not always very elaborate. And then Eyepetizer. steel, lightness. Delicate pastel coloured lenses and shapes of yesteryear. Here is the revolution of ul-tralight steel frames, in a classic silver, gold and gunmetal finish, and those two different end tips immediately redefine the codes of recognition and the uniqueness of the brand.

of colors

This is colour for Eyepetizer, the essence, the matrix that redefines priorities. The eye is plunged into always different nuances because for Eyepetizer sunglasses are not only about protecting from sun rays, but should also dress, decorate, and make the sight always new, a discovery. This is how a taste for a life of colour takes shape which is the distinctive mark of the brand. The colours evolve depending on the season and the themes of the collection, but they represent the heart of the project. The combinations are thought up just as you would for a fashion collection, sometimes making courageous decisions and apparently extravagant, but that soon integrate in-to the context of our style, giving us a version of sunglasses that is no longer a simple support for the sight, but as a real piece of clothing, to be mixed and matched with the rest of our wardrobe.